Connect to the Patient Information You Need

While some providers still get patient information by fax or mail, through direct connections to individual hospitals, or by having your staff make phone calls, many more are using Hixny to access their patients’ community health records.

The majority of physicians in our region are now connected to the Hixny. What do you gain? Comprehensive patient information at your fingertips, when and where you need it.

Using Hixny, you can:

  • Gain a more comprehensive view of your patients
  • Stay up-to-date on your patients’ status by subscribing to a service that automatically delivers patient discharge summaries, results and other documents directly into your EMR
  • Save time and increase efficiency by getting lab results, radiology reports and other medical documents that you order sent directly to you
  • Improve care coordination by easily communicating patient information with other providers

Hixny works the way you do

Hixny is all about connecting you to the information you need in a way that works for you and saves you time. You can receive information from Hixny within your own EMR or Hospital Information System. Or you can use the Hixny provider portal to access patient information.

Satisfy Meaningful Use requirements

Using Hixny can help you satisfy Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements for the electronic exchange of patient data. We’ll also help you prepare for Stage 3 as its objectives are finalized. Find out more.

Health information exchange services

EMR/HIE Standards and Interoperability Services

Hixny works with vendors of Electronic Medical Record (EMR), hospital, lab, radiology and other systems to help them make their systems work with Hixny. We act as the liaison for our region with state, federal, and international standards organizations. And we assist vendors with testing and development of innovative new interfaces based on these standards. The result is that providers can communicate seamlessly regardless of the systems they use.

eHealth Exchange

Hixny creates a single, consolidated health record for an individual patient that includes all data sources contributed to the Health Information Exchange. Providers can receive the comprehensive record directly into the workflow of their EMR, Hospital Information System (HIS), and other client systems. Hixny has established a single, standards-based connection with a number of vendors. This gold standard in interoperability includes integrations with:

  • Allscripts Enterprise
  • Athenahealth
  • eClinicalworks
  • GE Healthcare Centricity
  • Greenway
  • Kryptiq
  • MDsuite
  • NextGen
  • STI Computer Services
  • TriZetto CareAdvance
  • Vitera

Additional non-standard integrations include:

  • Acusis Dictation
  • Askesis PhychConsult
  • Cerner
  • CPSI
  • Epic
  • Iatric
  • iPatientCare
  • LabCorp
  • McKesson iKnowMed
  • MD Online
  • Novius Radiology
  • Orchard Lab
  • Siemens Sorian
  • Sunquest Lab
  • Surescripts

For providers using an EMR that is not interoperable with Hixny or for providers with no EMR, Hixny offers a Provider Portal giving access to patient information in the Health Information Exchange. In emergency departments and healthcare practices across the region, providers are using the portal to access valuable patient information in a timely fashion from other practices and hospitals.

Results & Reports Delivery

Hixny provides real-time delivery of laboratory results, radiology reports, and transcribed documents such as discharge summaries as structured data directly into a physician’s EMR or Hixny’s Provider Portal. Providers receive this information if they have ordered it or when another provider requests delivery to them.

Event Notifications

Providers can subscribe to receive alerts when specified events take place, such as their patients visiting the emergency room or being admitted to the hospital, helping them to better coordinate patient care and reduce readmissions.

Secure Direct Messaging

Ideal for referrals, secure messaging allows providers to communicate with or forward patient information to another provider. Through the Hixny Provider Portal Message Center providers can attach a patient summary report or a patient’s entire community health record to their message. Hixny also supports Direct Health Information Service Provider (HISP) Services through Hixny’s accredited HISP and by helping participants connect to other trusted HISPs for enhanced interoperability.

Secure Patient Portal

The most common question Hixny receives through from consumers is “How can I access my own community health record through Hixny?” The Hixny Patient Portal enables consumers to access their personal health records. It will also enable patients to transmit their records directly to a provider.  For providers, the Patient Portal helps them meet federal Meaningful Use requirements for the electronic exchange of patient information.


All Hixny participants receive extensive adoption services that are part of the Hixny offering, helping providers quickly gain the benefits of the Health Information Exchange.