Partners in Improving Healthcare

The costs and quality of American healthcare have been in the news for years now. Individuals, healthcare providers, insurers and employers all pay the bills—and all benefit from good health.

The use of Hixny and other health information exchanges (HIEs) like it around the country helps to bring costs down and quality of care up. Making secure, real-time patient records available to individuals at home and providers at the point of care has been shown to:

  • Speed up emergency department encounters
  • Reduce redundant tests and procedures
  • Avoid unnecessary imaging
  • Provide more comprehensive data to inform diagnosis and treatment
  • Increase care coordination in a variety of settings
  • Reduce costs passed along to insurers and patients

To help ensure those benefits are realized by everyone transforming healthcare and improving the health of the region’s population, Hixny collaborates with hospitals, physicians, health professionals, health plans, government agencies, employers and individual healthcare consumers.

Paying Attention to the Whole Population

Hixny is part of a bigger picture called “population health.” Its goal is to help healthcare provider organizations better manage patient populations. Its goal is to improve the health of a whole group of people by drawing on information about health outcomes, statistics and analysis. Watch the video to see how it works.

Who Works with Hixny?

Hixny Data Contributors

Hixny Data Contributors
All of the organizations and providers uploading data to Hixny. [+]

Hixny participants

Exchanging information day by day, patient by patient. [+]

Hixny Members

Hixny Members
Crunching big data and participating in Hixny governance. [+]


Learn about the various Qualified Entities in the SHIN-NY. [+]

Hixny Data Contributors

Connecting the Region
Learn which providers and organizations are contributing data to Hixny. [+]