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Everything about Hixny is designed to improve healthcare for everyday people. Hixny For You is no different. It brings all of your health information together in one place so you can see what your participating providers see—as long as you’ve given your consent. Hixny For You lets you see your information, too!

Your Personal Health Dashboard

Hixny personal health dashboard

Like sites that bring together all of your financial data at a glance, so you can monitor it easily, Hixny For You puts all of the information from all of your providers in one convenient place. You can see:

  • Your lab results
  • Your medications
  • Your medical history
  • And more

Working with Your Providers

Hixny For You puts you in control of your health records, so you can take an active role in healthcare conversations. You can:

  • Download your records to your computer at any time
  • Work with your doctors to correct errors in your health records
  • Send information to your doctor that you’ve recorded elsewhere, like flu shots or blood pressure readings
  • Going on a trip? Send your whole health record to a new provider, instead of getting your records from each of your doctors to give to the new member of your care team

icon question  Is Hixny Right for You?

Check our Data Contributors list to see if your healthcare providers are already participating. If they are, then you’ll want to see what they’re seeing.

That’s true no matter who you are. A marathon runner in your 20s? Hixny For You ensures you have the information you need to stay in competitive shape. A retiree with a health condition? Hixny For You helps you keep track of changes. A caregiver for an ailing parent? Hixny For You gives you access to their records so you’re prepared at every doctor’s visit.

The question isn’t why should you sign up. It’s why shouldn’t you?

Sign Up For Hixny For You

Signing up is simple. Provide us with some information about yourself, have your registration form notarized and send it to Hixny. Or, check to see if your healthcare provider offers Hixny For You registration through their facility.

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