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By using Hixny, you join more than 5 million patients in New York and western Vermont who have the ability to safely and securely view, download and transmit their electronic medical records. Partnering with over 10,000 healthcare providers, Hixny brings all of your health information together in one place.

How it Works

Hixny’s patient portal makes your health information from all providers available to you in real time, and helps you take an active role in conversations with your providers about your health.

You can use Hixny’s patient portal to:

  • Download your records to your computer or mobile device
  • Work with your doctors to correct errors in your records
  • Share records with your doctor, like workplace flu shots or at-home blood pressure readings
  • Send your whole health record to a new provider, instead of gathering each provider’s record for your new care team

How Can Hixny Help You?

Are you a marathon runner in your 20s? Hixny’s patient portal helps you stay in competitive shape.

A retiree with a health condition? Hixny’s patient portal helps you keep track of changes in your health, your medications and doctor’s orders.

A caregiver for an ailing parent? Hixny’s patient portal allows you to access their records to help prepare for every doctor’s visit.

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