Posted on: September 19, 2018

If you’ve been following the news from Hixny in recent days, then you know we just announced a bold expansion of the territory we cover. We’ve extended our services to individuals and the healthcare community in nine more counties in the lower Hudson Valley and the Southern Tier.

This has been a decision a long time in the making. When providers to the south and southwest of Hixny’s established territory began reaching out to us to ask if they could connect, we knew we needed to act. As we looked at the needs of our longstanding population and participants, we realized that this growth would benefit you, too.

In fact, during our due diligence, we learned that people in all of these counties already have Hixny records—including 67 percent of Ulster County residents and 55 percent of those in Chenango, for example. Some of them regularly see providers at Columbia Memorial, Albany Medical Center or Bassett Healthcare. Our providers need the data generated by their counterparts nearer to those patients’ homes to be most effective. The opposite is also true.

We’ve had great results in the adoption and use of Hixny in our existing region. You’re no doubt aware that 100 percent of private and nonprofit hospitals participate, along with three out of four physicians and a growing number of specialized care facilities. Ninety-two percent of adults have given their providers consent to share their records through Hixny.

As far back as 2014, we talked about the need to connect the entire state and bring an end to “borders” between regions. Thankfully, those borders no longer exist—but all participants still need vital electronic data from every region.

That’s why, with the support of our board, we set out to improve the situation for you and for people in our new counties. We are committed to providing high-quality, reliable, accurate and secure data. With this expansion the access you expect is not only unchanged, but strengthened. And a host of new individuals and communities will benefit from our capacity and capability to immediately extend the services you already know so well.

We’re helping providers by improving and increasing the data available for day-to-day patient care. We’re also increasing our scale to better support value-based care and other system transformations through our robust registries for chronic diseases and quality reporting.

Most importantly, though, we’re helping individuals by ensuring their complete data can be available in real time wherever they go for healthcare in eastern New York. Consistently.

Hixny will be performing extended maintenance beginning Thursday, December 31 through Friday, January 1. During this time, all services
will be impacted and unavailable—including access to the provider portal.