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See the Whole Picture with Hixny360

Hixny360 is our name for the complete suite of capabilities, benefits, services, apps and portals that let our partners—especially health professionals—interact with the data available through Hixny’s health information exchange (HIE). On your terms. Within your workflow. And in a way that helps you meet federal meaningful use requirements for electronic health records.

It’s based on the idea that secure and enriched data fosters informed healthcare policy, increased trust between data contributors and enhanced collaboration among healthcare organizations and related community entities. And all of that contributes to comprehensive, ever-advancing, high-quality, data-driven care for the individuals in our region.

icon checkmark whiteThe Basics

The critical element of Hixny360 is the HIE itself. It’s a complete, 360-degree view of individual patient records and a series of data connections that bring that data in from our contributors and share it out to our participants and members—all in real time. 

Just to start, these connections come from:

Individual Care Manager

To interact with the data at the level of individual patient care, Hixny offers a selection of tools for healthcare organizations, providers and their patients. These integrate into existing systems and workflows, streamlining your access to the information you need, when you need it.

Provider Portal

Provider Portal

This entrance into the data provides one-stop access to all of the patient information within Hixny, and all of the alert settings, consent forms and other tools you need at the point of care. Through the portal, view or upload information and reports, customize settings to meet the needs of your workflow or practice, and ensure you and your colleagues have the consents you need to coordinate patient care. Hixny’s portal is available regardless of whether you’ve integrated it into your EHR.

Mobile and Specialty Apps

Whether you’re working in a busy emergency department or monitoring developments in a patient’s health condition, our apps for tablets and mobile devices ensure you don’t miss critical information. These apps deliver alerts when a patient gets emergency care elsewhere in the state, registers abnormal blood pressure or blood sugar and much more. Not only can you contribute and review Hixny data on the go, but the data can follow you, preventing time-wasting searches and information requests.

Hixny For You

Hixny For You

Individuals play an increasingly vital role in their own health and care decisions. Patients have the opportunity to view their own records through their own portal, helping them become more informed and prepared healthcare consumers. Many Hixny participating providers use Hixny For You to share information with their patients rather than their office-based systems. Find more details, from the patient perspective, on our Hixny For You page.

Population Care Manager

Hixny's Population Care Manager provides a centralized solution for community partners to manage and evaluate patients' data with ease. The PCM collects real-time clinical data from 1,300+ locations and standardizes it into a simplified format that seamlessly integrates with your Care Management and analytics applications. 



When you need not only raw numbers, but the ability to compare factors and analyze trends and correlations, this gateway provides robust capabilities to manipulate the aggregated data and compare findings over time.


Delving into the details of specific patient data groupings often helps identify cause-and-effect relationships or contribute to wide-ranging studies. The research gateway facilitates this use of data by allowing a granular, but secure, privacy-protected view of patient information that meets your project criteria.


When tracking the health or actions of a specific population, you may prefer to download a complete report, to your specifications, to your own database or spreadsheet software to share with others. This gateway provided the ability to just that—and to schedule routine reports to run automatically, streamlining your workflow for the long term.