Real-Time Patient Data for Health Professionals

Remember the days when you had to have a patient update his or her complete medical history at every visit, or you called another doctor to have information faxed over? Those days may be almost over.

When you participate in Hixny—and you gain your patients’ consent to share their information—records from across New York state are at your fingertips, or even automatically available in your own electronic records system.

What Your Peers Are Saying

Don’t take it from us. Your colleagues are experiencing significant enhancements in the quality and value of care they provide patients by integrating Hixny and its secure, real-time data into their workflows. Watch the videos for their stories:

The Benefits of Joining Hixny

Hixny benefits

Most people receive care from multiple providers and in coordination with various organizations. Hixny brings all the data generated in these encounters together where participants can access information at the point of care. As a result, they:

  • Gain access to more complete patient information—even from beyond our region, through the State Health Information Network for New York
  • Coordinate care faster and easier
  • Improve care quality and patient satisfaction
  • Increase office efficiency
  • Satisfy federal requirements for the meaningful use of electronic health records
Hixny electronic medical records

Among the patient information shared through Hixny—directly or by integrating with electronic records systems—are:

  • Allergies, medications and immunizations
  • Clinical documents and transcribed reports
  • Demographics
  • Diagnoses
  • Discharge summaries and emergency department reports
  • Encounters and procedures
  • Lab results and imaging reports
  • Patient consents
  • Notes
  • EKGs and other valuable data
  • Problem lists

Icon HixnyForYouA Community Effort

The information available from Hixny is only as complete as the information contributed through Hixny. That’s why it’s critically important that all of the providers in our region participate. Take a look at our list of Data Contributors to see how many of your colleagues are already sharing information through Hixny.

At the same time, your participation depends on your patients’ consent to share their records. Review details on Minor Consent Policies and see our Consent Forms for updates.

It’s in your power to help patients understand just how helpful their information can be to improving the care they receive throughout the region.

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