What is the SHIN-NY?

Connecting the State of New York

The SHIN-NY (pronounced shy-nee) is the Statewide Health Information Network of New York. Established March 9, 2016 by regulation 10 NYCRR Section 300, the SHIN-NY connects New York’s not-for-profit Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIO) into one seamless statewide “network of networks” to enable the secure electronic flow of health information throughout the entire state.

This regulation establishes a structure for collaboration overseen by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) and its designated entity, the New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC). This framework includes policy guidance related to privacy and security, oversight and enforcement, minimum technical requirements and organizational characteristics that are part of certification requirements that all RHIOs must demonstrate in order to connect to the SHIN-NY as Qualified Entities.

SHIN-NY Qualified Entities

To maintain a level of trust and security, only organizations certified as Qualified Entities (QE) may connect directly to the SHIN-NY network. In addition to Hixny, there are currently seven other SHIN-NY Qualified Entities including:


Each QE has successfully achieved certification by an independent third party, based on requirements established by the New York State Department of Health. This helps to create a foundation of trust among each organization, and their participants, that all QEs have the appropriate technology, controls and policies in place to maintain standards set forth by NYSDOH.

SHIN-NY Services

As a QE, Hixny is able to offer its participants the ability to retrieve patient records that may exist both within and outside our region. This service allows Hixny to search for and locate patient records on demand across the other regions of the SHIN-NY. For authorized Hixny users accessing records, this means that Hixny automatically searches for any matching patient records across the SHIN-NY in one simple step – no additional inquiries or searches are required to check for records in other regions.

In addition to enabling users to search for records across other regions of the State, the SHIN-NY also offers the ability for authorized users to receive alerts and notifications from other regions when pre-defined events occur, such as an inpatient hospitalization or an Emergency Room visit. Currently, Hixny receives and distributes notifications from NYC, Long Island, the Hudson Valley, Southern Tier and Central New York and expects to begin receiving these notifications from Rochester, Buffalo and the Bronx by the end of 2017.

Who is Connected?

Each QE is responsible for connecting the local healthcare facilities in their region to their regional exchange as well as the SHIN-NY. A complete list of facilities that provide data to a QE are generally available on each QE’s website. A complete list of Hixny’s data contributors is available here.