Hixny Participants

The majority of healthcare professionals, medical practices and hospitals, as well as many businesses in our community utilize Hixny programs and services to help them provide more efficient, safer care to their patients.
The electronic health records which are safely and securely shared across our community may contain patient information, including:

  • Demographics
  • Allergies
  • Problem Lists
  • Diagnoses
  • Medications
  • Lab Results
  • Encounters
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Emergency Department Reports
  • Image Reports
  • Immunizations
  • Clinical Documents / Transcribed Reports
  • Patient Consent
  • Procedures

The link below provides consumers with contact information to all of Hixny’s participants. In addition, the document indicates which of our participating entities are safely and securely contributing data to Hixny’s Health Information Exchange (HIE).

View Hixny Participants

If your physician does not participate in Hixny, be sure to ask why the next time you see them.

What should you do if you feel there are inaccuracies in your electronic medical records?

If you believe that any of the information within your secure electronic medical record is incorrect, please refer to our participant list and contact your care provider to review your records. Based on New York State law, Hixny does not have the authority to modify or update patient records, this must be done at the practice level.

Dr. David Welch“Hixny offers an incredible opportunity for physicians to access useful information about patients who are also being treated by other physicians. In my own practices, the number of patients who have consented to Hixny makes it possible for me to check on lab work and imaging reports done elsewhere that I would not have had access to in the past, which is improving the quality of care I can deliver to my patients.”

-David Welch, MD, Adirondack Internal Medicine & Pediatrics