Get More Engaged in Your Healthcare

Hixny gives your doctors the information they need to provide you with the best and safest care: your medical history, allergies, medications, specialist visits, lab tests and more. Now you don’t have to carry around your own information and repeatedly fill out the same forms.

Would you like easy, secure, online access to your health records? Check out the Hixny Secure Patient Portal.

Give your consent

Your doctors can only use Hixny to access your medical information if you give them permission. Whenever you visit one of your healthcare providers, ask to sign a Hixny Consent Form. You’ll quickly discover the benefits:

  • No more searching for or carting around your records
  • Fewer repeated tests reduces inconvenience to you
  • Spend less on healthcare
  • Get second opinions easier and faster, without having to provide your information over and over again
  • Receive faster and safer care in emergency situations because doctors can access your health information if you can’t give it to them

The majority of patients in our region have already given Hixny consent to their healthcare providers.

Dr. James Aram “It was so important for me to be able to access this information through Hixny, which allowed me to make an educated judgment on the type of treatment my patient needed. As a result, we avoided a hospital emergency room visit.”

-James Aram, MD, Brunswick Family Practice