icon peopleWho Are Hixny Participants?

The simple answer is that our participants are all of the healthcare providers and health and community organizations that contribute health data to Hixny—or that access or use data from Hixny.

For patients who have given consent, the information available to participants includes:

  • Allergy and medication lists
  • Demographics
  • Diagnoses and procedures
  • Discharge summaries and emergency department reports
  • Immunization records
  • Lab results and imaging reports
  • Problem lists
  • Documents, notes, EKGs and other valuable information

How to Participate

Contact us to discuss how you will contribute to and use information from Hixny. We’ll answer your questions, discuss the options and provide a legal participation agreement that defines responsibilities. Then, you’ll be able to access information, use Hixny’s apps and portals, and contribute data to the health information exchange—all at no charge.

Review Hixny's Policies and Procedures for details on data exchange.

Current Participants