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Your health record is your business. Every healthcare provider you visit creates records about your health and your care. But for providers to access your files using Hixny, you have to give them permission. You have to consent to sharing your records.

If you don’t give providers consent to see your records through Hixny, they have to place individual calls and emails to one another’s offices, asking for colleagues to fax specific pieces of information—like lab results and imaging files—that will help them take care of you. That’s a slow and insecure way of sharing information. This can cost time and money. By using Hixny, you can cut your wait time in an emergency department by an average of 52 minutes.

With Hixny, every part of your health record is secure. Our system meets the highest security standards, so you don’t have to worry about sensitive information reaching the wrong hands. Better yet, when you give your providers consent to share your records through Hixny, you’ll know they have all of the details they need to provide you with high-quality care—whether that’s your asthma inhaler prescription, your diabetes status or your substance abuse treatment plan.

How to Give Consent

The first time you see a healthcare provider who participates with Hixny, the office staff will likely include a Hixny Consent Form in your new patient paperwork. The same is true the first time you visit your regular provider after he or she joins Hixny, and when you visit a participating urgent care center, hospital or other facility.

If you’re not sure whether you’ve given consent to a particular doctor or facility, ask them to check.
It only takes a minute to request a form, read and sign it, and consent to sharing your information with other members of your care team.

Should you change your mind, you can withdraw your consent by visiting the individual facility at any time and signing a Withdrawal of Consent Form.

Check our Data Contributors list to see if your providers participate with Hixny.

Questions About Consent

Do I have to give consent to every doctor I see?

Yes. Each doctor needs your permission to access your records through Hixny—and to see your records through Hixny. You can choose to consent to one provider, but decline consent to others.

What information can my providers see when I give consent?

They gain access to information from other members of your healthcare team, including hospitals, labs, pharmacies, insurance companies, nursing homes, other doctors and other organizations who maintain electronic health records about you and who participate in Hixny. This may also include records on substance abuse and mental health services.

What happens if I don’t give consent?

That specific provider won’t be able to see or share your health records through Hixny. However, that provider can still contact any of your other providers directly to request specific information from your health record that might be helpful to him or her in caring for you—like lab results or X-rays.

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The number of patients in northeastern New York who said ‘yes’ when asked for consent by at least one of their healthcare providers


The number of people in our region who have signed at least one Hixny consent form


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The average number of providers an individual in our region has given Hixny consent