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3 Ways to Cut Your Wait Time in an ER

If you’ve ever been in a hospital emergency room (ER), you know they’re notorious for long wait times.

Why the long waits? There are lots of reasons that can vary from patients whose conditions are more severe than your own to how quickly providers can access a patients’ medical records. 

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Hixny has made updates to how medical records for your children are accessed.

If you have children who are under 18 years of age, you should know how the new rules can affect their medical care. You may have already signed a consent form to allow your child’s doctor to view his or her medical records through Hixny.

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How Consent Models Differ from State to State

Different states require exchanges and providers to deal with data and consent in a number of different ways.

Health information exchanges (HIEs) allow doctors and hospitals to quickly see patients’ health information so they can diagnose medical issues and recommend treatment more efficiently.

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