Your Individual Health Record, On Demand

Until now, if you wanted to review your health records, you had to call all of your providers and track down their charts. Now, Hixny puts all that information right on your screen, through a secure, real-time, online health information exchange that connects healthcare providers and patients throughout our region.

You can make sure your data’s correct, share it with providers, and allow all of your providers to share it with one another to keep track of your health records.

How Valuable is Hixny?

It only takes once to find out. One time when minutes count. One time when information from one of your doctors can help another. Watch the video to see how Hixny can make a difference.

icon questionHow Does Hixny Improve Your Healthcare?

The first thing you’ll notice is convenience. When you see a new doctor or specialist, or go for lab tests or imaging, your provider will ask you to sign a Hixny consent form. Then, he or she can log in and pull up any records from your other providers—as long as they participate in Hixny and also have your permission to access your information. No more carrying your records around or re-writing your medical history!

From there, the positives keep growing:

  • Health information service providers
  • Easier, faster second opinions
  • Fewer repeated tests, including blood work and imaging
  • Faster, safer urgent and emergency care
  • … all of which leads to lower costs! 

Nothing Happens Without You

No matter how many healthcare providers join Hixny, you’re still the most important person of all. That’s because you control whether your doctors can share your health information or not. (Check our Data Contributors list to see if your providers are already using Hixny.)

Your information is safe and secure with Hixny. Our system meets industry-leading security standards approved by the New York State Department of Health. Only the medical professionals you give consent can access or use data about you that may appear in Hixny. Your health records are still protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Find out more about how to share your information.

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