The Voice of Patients

John Hedley“Because my doctor used Hixny to access my medical information, I didn’t have to worry. Plus going in as a businessman, I didn’t have to take up space in the ER, which is expensive, I didn’t take up a nurse’s time, I didn’t  take up a doctor’s time, I didn’t  take up anyone’s time, because it was all handled through Hixny.”

-John Hedley, Local Businessman

Tabitha Sullivan“With Hixny, it’s so easy for my doctor to see what tests have already been done. I would tell somebody to sign the Hixny consent form because it’s a very valuable tool for releasing information and medical history that doctors might really need.”

-Tabitha Sullivan, Mother

Coordinating Quality Care

John Rugge, MD, CEO, Hudson Headwaters Health Network“Our patients see lots of different doctors and go to lots of different facilities. If we’re going to truly coordinate their care, we need all that information. For us, that’s Hixny.”

-John Rugge, MD, CEO, Hudson Headwaters Health Network


Dr. David Welch“Hixny offers an incredible opportunity for physicians to access useful information about patients who are also being treated by other physicians. In my own practices, the number of patients who have consented to Hixny makes it possible for me to check on lab work and imaging reports done elsewhere that I would not have had access to in the past, which is improving the quality of care I can deliver to my patients.”

-David Welch, MD, Adirondack Internal Medicine & Pediatrics


Kallanna Manjunath
“Hixny is in patients’ best interest because they are getting care based on complete rather than partial information.”

-Kallanna Manjunath, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Whitney M. Young, Jr., Health Services


Dr. James Aram “It was so important for me to be able to access this information through Hixny, which allowed me to make an educated judgment on the type of treatment my patient needed. As a result, we avoided a hospital emergency room visit.”

-James Aram, MD, Brunswick Family Practice


Dr. Nini Wu“Through Hixny we are able to better coordinate care for our patients with real-time access to their medical records. With this information we are empowered with a complete medical history at the point of care.

-Nini Wu, MD, President, New York Oncology Hematology PC


Eric Schnackenberg, MD“I’m a passionate believer in the use of electronic medical records to drive better healthcare. It no longer matters what platform you are using, because Hixny is the hub that provides access to the wide range of medical records we need in order to provide the best care possible for our patients.”

-Eric Schnackenberg, MD, Community Care Physicians

“I received a note that a patient of mine was in the Intensive Care Unit. The fact that I can use Hixny to check the lab results and medications list helps me to stay current on his condition while he is in the hospital.”

-Benoit Tonneau, MD, CapitalCare Medical Group

“Hixny has helped us dramatically improve care for chronic patients who are non-compliant, lose their scripts, or have frequent scripts from emergency room or urgent care locations. Even when I am on call and at home, I can use Hixny to look up medications and expedite care for patients being held overnight in crisis units pending a pharmacy call.”

-Psychiatrist, Continuing Day Treatment

 In the Emergency Room

Dr. Roger Barrowman“With access to Hixny our emergency department staff has critical information at their fingertips, when they need it. This is providing better patient outcomes, on a daily basis.”

-Roger Barrowman, MD, Chairman of Emergency Medicine, Ellis Hospital


Dr. Samuel Bosco“Hixny is incredibly important for our emergency department staff, not only for reducing redundant testing, but also by allowing us to access critical information when we receive patients who are unconscious or unable to provide vital information about their health. The information from Hixny is improving patient safety and overall quality of care.”

-Samuel Bosco, MD, Chief of Emergency Medicine, St. Peter’s Hospital

Daniel Anhalt“Patients can’t always tell or don’t know their medical history and health issues. Using Hixny to discover what medications my patients are on, I can avoid potentially deadly adverse drug reactions.”

-Daniel Anhalt, MD, Emergency Physician, CVPH Medical Center

Daniel Pauze“In one recent case, Hixny provided immediate access to critical information which helped a provider take the necessary steps to reverse a patient’s bleeding, improve his care, and contribute to saving his life. Hixny is saving lives.”

-Daniel Pauze, Medical Director, Emergency Department, Albany Medical Center

“Hixny helped me easily retrieve medication information for a patient who did not know what medications she was taking (nor did her family). She used a mail order pharmacy to fill her maintenance medications. It is often extremely time consuming and difficult to get through to a mail order pharmacy representative in order to confirm home medications, but I was able to pull up the patient’s file within minutes using Hixny.”

-Rachel Weber, Pharm D, Emergency Department Pharmacist

Reducing Healthcare Costs

Julie Morgan Moses“Hixny cuts down on healthcare costs because you’re not repeating the same tests over and over again.”

-Julie Morgan Moses, Clinical Coordinator, Infectious Diseases of Eastern Albany

Marty Lawthers“Hixny is helping to contain costs for small practices.”

-Marty Lawthers, Office Manager, Edward Mazdzer, MD


Making Health Information Exchange a Success

Paul Grabscheid“Without the strong support of everyone, it’s hard to make healthcare information exchange a success, and Hixny has succeeded quite well in doing this.”

-Paul Grabscheid, Vice President of Strategic Planning, InterSystems Corporation


Robert Paeglow“This is the way of the future. Just as we participate in continuing education to keep up with advances in medicine, we also need to keep up with the electronic and information management world. If we don’t do that, we’re going to fall behind and our patients will suffer. It’s hard to keep up if you’re a small practice but fortunately there’s people and programs like the Hixny that help.”

-Robert Paeglow, MD

John Mangona“Saratoga Hospital has supported Hixny from the beginning . . . What started out as somewhat of a competitive environment has evolved very nicely into one in which there is a lot of collaboration.”

-John Mangona, Chief Information and Compliance Officer, Saratoga Hospital

Leah Bojnowski“People will realize that Hixny is a confidential system and their data is protected.”

-Leah Bojnowski, Patient and Board Chair, Whitney M. Young, Jr. Health Services

“Gone are the days of hunting for charts. With electronic health records, doctors can access patients’ information and test results from any computer, whether in the office, at the hospital or at home. It’s all about improving the quality of care our physicians can deliver to our patients without sacrificing productivity. We’re ready to take this to the next level.”

– Louise West, RN, Practice Administrator