Hixny is Healthcare Data

We’re driving better healthcare and lower costs with one-point access to every patient record.

Complete, Accurate and Up-to-Date

Real-time delivery of the highest quality patient health data available.

Every hospital and 3 out of every 4 providers access patient data through Hixny. Primary care providers, specialists, patients and other healthcare professionals rely on Hixny data to improve patient care every day. Can you find more complete and accurate data? In a word: no.


Hixny Data ensures that you’re getting the most comprehensive view of your patients—enabling you to increase the quality of care and patient satisfaction while decreasing cost and the likelihood of readmissions.


Hixny Data means shorter wait times, more effective and efficient office visits, decreased chance of adverse effects to medications, elimination of redundant questions and forms, and a more informed healthcare provider network.

Highly Secure

We take data security seriously. Very seriously.

Consistently and independently audited, evaluated and enhanced—our enterprise-grade systems are protected by the same technologies, protocols and intrusion prevention systems used by the military, law enforcement and leading financial institutions. When it comes to data security, we never rest easy—so you can.


Be confident that your most sensitive healthcare data is safe, secure and supported by leading-edge security measures, third-party audits and an around-the-clock team of tools, firewalls and experts.

The Way You Want It

Flexible customization options save time and improve access.

Hixny Data is available online or connected directly to most electronic health records—giving you access to the patient data you need, the way you need it. On demand or delivered directly – customizable filtering options put you in control and provide data tailored to your specific preferences.


When every second counts, easy access to the exact Hixny Data you need means improved workflow efficiency and more effective decision-making.


Hixny Data is one of the most powerful tools your healthcare providers have. Easy, flexible access to your patient data means improved healthcare experiences, higher-quality patient satisfaction and better healthcare outcomes.

Start Making Sense of Data

Great data gets even better. Hixny's value-added analytics and insight solutions help identify trends, improve diagnostic accuracy and provide better care to patients.


Hixny’s analytic tools enable you to move beyond tactical, patient-by-patient use and start utilizing Hixny Data as a strategic tool to support system- and community-wide initiatives.

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