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From Hixny CEO Mark McKinney

Take a behind-the-scenes look at important issues in health, brought to you by Hixny, New York’s leading health information exchange.

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How Patients Can Help Hixny Take Off

I often write about things that directly affect our region’s healthcare providers and participants in Hixny. Today, though, I want to address all of the many individuals who trust us to hold and transmit health records through our health information exchange (HIE).

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Answering Your Questions

Over the course of the year, we ask our users a lot of questions about a lot of subjects. As we learned from the participants in our recent value-based care meeting, there are still many things even our most frequent users don’t know about Hixny.

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Are You Still Waiting Hours for a Fax?

In a recent post, I described our highly successful meeting with stakeholders in the region’s transition to value-based care.  To support the discussion during the meeting and provide materials that meeting participants could distribute afterwards, Hixny prepared a one-page hand-out focused on the data readily available to users of Hixny today. 

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Connecting With Our Community Moves Hixny Forward

In Hixny’s 2018 business plan, we set out four areas of focus for the year: core improvements (in people, process and products), growth, alignment with the Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY) 2020 Roadmap and innovation. I’d like to share with you just one of the steps we’ve taken toward achieving our goals in those areas.

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The Minor Consent Gap is Closed

Back in 2011, when I started with Hixny, all three of my kids were under age 5. We knew that they’d eventually hit the “donut hole” that prohibited healthcare providers in New York from using health information exchanges (HIEs) like Hixny to share and locate the records of children ages 10 to 17. 

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