Important Upcoming NYS Regulations

Article 28 hospitals, clinics and other regulated facilities are facing a state deadline to become fully contributing members of the Statewide Health Information Network for New York (SHIN-NY).

As we previously reported, the state in 2016 enacted regulations setting policy and guidelines for the operation of the SHIN-NY.  This included Regulation 300.6, which outlined the schedule for healthcare organizations to connect to a qualified entity, like Hixny, and begin sharing secure electronic patient data.  Article 28 hospitals were given one year from enactment, while other providers were given two years.

The hospital deadline was March 9, 2017. Clinics, nursing homes, diagnostic treatment centers, certified home health agencies and urgent care centers have until March 9, 2018.  A full list of affected organizations can be found here.

Furthermore, the state wants all facilities contributing specific amounts and types of information within one year of their connection deadline.   This means that March  2018 for hospitals and March  2019 for other facilities.  The NYeC has published guidelines on these requirements.

The state has said it will accept some reasons, including economic hardship, technological limitations and other “exceptional circumstances” why an organization cannot make its respective deadline.  In that case, the organization may apply for a waiver.

The goal of the SHIN-NY which has been allocated in the state budget for the next fiscal year, is to enable more efficient, higher quality, lower cost healthcare for the entire population of New York state.  This requires full, real-time patient data from as many facilities as possible.

“Hixny already has the most robust patient data in the state, but adding more participants, with more complete data, can only strengthen the value of what we can provide,” said Mark McKinney, CEO of Hixny.  “Every new connection brings us closer to a complete view of every patient.  We look forward to welcoming these new participants in the coming year and will do all we can to make the process as easy as possible.”

If you are affected by the regulations and need more info on how to connect or how to meet the dataset requirements, please contact your Account Manager or