History & Background

Key Facts About Hixny

Who We Are

Hixny empowers modern healthcare by improving the way the healthcare community assesses, analyzes and collaboratively acts upon patient-specific information to promote operational efficiency, eliminate unnecessary cost, improve patient-outcomes and advance community wellness.

Hixny’s accredited, enterprise-grade Healthcare Cloud is an always-on, comprehensive data, communication, notification, monitoring and analytics solution; the only automated real-time solution that provides a truly 360˚ view of every patient in its’ region.

  • Hixny is a regional health information organization (RHIO) comprised of a diverse group of health care organizations including hospitals, physician practices, health plans and health care associations. A RHIO is a non-governmental, not-for-profit corporation enabling interoperable health information exchange among healthcare providers and systems.
  • Hixny was founded in 1999 by the Iroquois Healthcare Alliance and the New York State Health Plan Association.
  • Hixny serves the Capital Region and Northern New York State.
  • Hixny supports the vision of connecting our healthcare community to all of New York State through the State Health Information Network – New York (SHIN-NY, pronounced “Shiny”).

Benefits of Hixny

  • Collaboration is the heart of Hixny’s mission to connect our healthcare community.
  • We work with our members to enable the secure, online exchange of health information.
  • The many benefits of Hixny include:
    • Easier care coordination among providers for their patients
    • Immediately available patient information in an emergency
    • Fewer repeated tests
    • Reduced risk of mistakes
    • Less chance of drug interactions
    • Lower spending on healthcare

Secure Access to Patient Information

  • Hixny securely aggregates and accurately delivers patient medical information:
    • Demographics
    • Allergies
    • Problem Lists
    • Diagnoses
    • Medications
    • Lab Results
    • Encounters
    • Discharge Summaries
    • Emergency Department Reports
    • Image Reports
    • Immunizations
    • Clinical Documents / Transcribed Reports
    • Patient Consent
    • Procedures
  • Once a patient provides consent for an organization to view their records in the health care exchange, providers have access to the patient’s information. This is especially important in emergency situations where the patient may not be able to provide necessary health information to the treating physicians.

Protecting Patient Privacy

Hixny Statistics

Hixny connects providers, patients and organizations to better coordinate care and reduce healthcare costs across our community. Hixny’s programs and services give patients and clinicians real-time electronic access to patients’ comprehensive medical history for making timely, informed care decisions.

Hixny’s service area includes the greater Capital District and Northern New York.  Through a strong community collaboration, Hixny has become a national leader in Healthcare IT. Hixny is a 501(c)(3) headquartered in Latham, NY.

Region, Patients, and Members:

    • Hixny’s population is larger than 12 states (ID, HI, ME, NH, RI, MT, DE, SD, AK, ND, VT, WY)
    • Total patient records in Master Patient Index – 2.6 million (1.7 with demographic and clinical data)
    • Overall, 95% of patients say yes to their provider when asked to provide consent with Hixny
    • More than 65% of patients in our region have provided consent – a total of more than 1,000,000 unique patient consents
    • Serving more than 719 participating entities in in our region including hospitals, practices, long-term care, home care agencies, health homes, behavioral health organizations, stand-alone imagining imaging centers, and payers, in the greater Capital District and Northern New York Region.
    •  Serving 539 connected entities, including 28 hospitals, in the greater Capital District and Northern New York Region.
    • 25 Long-term care facilities are participating with Hixny
    • 21 radiology sites are participating with Hixny
    • 7 Home care agencies are participating with Hixny
    • 6 Health homes are participating with Hixny
    • 6 Behavioral health organizations are participating with Hixny
    • In addition to our participating hospitals, 5 standalone imaging centers are participating with Hixny
    • Currently 2,364 Physicians are participating with Hixny, encompassing 68% of the region’s providers.
    • Currently 2,108 Physicians are connected with Hixny, encompassing 61% of the region’s providers.
    • 870 Primary Care Physicians are participating with Hixny, encompassing 73% of the region’s providers.
    • 794 Primary Care Physicians are connected with Hixny, encompassing 67% of the region’s providers.
    • 328 Primary Care Practice locations are participating with Hixny.
    • 229 Primary Care Practice locations are connected with Hixny.
    • 1494 Specialists are participating with Hixny, encompassing 66% of the region’s specialists.
    • 1314 Specialists are connected with Hixny, encompassing 58% of the region’s specialists.
    • 295 Specialist Practices are participating with Hixny.
    • 270 Specialist Practices are connected with Hixny.

Data in the HIE:

    • Records are accessed through Hixny more than 150,000 times per month
      • More than 30,000 clinical summaries (office visit summaries) are accessed each month in clinical settings
      • More than 110,000 lab results and radiology reports are delivered to providers each month
      • More than 10,000 transcribed documents and event notifications are delivered each month
    • More than 8,000 authorized users
    • More than a billion clinical messages processed
    • 25+ terabytes of data
    • More than 3 million office visit records have been pushed into Hixny’s Health Information Exchange