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Hixny Connects Our Healthcare Community

New millennium, new approach to healthcare

Looking back on it, our immediate objective when we started in 1999 was relatively simple: To foster collaboration within the healthcare community; a collaboration that would result in the secure, digital exchange of patient data. We did just that—as well or better than every Health Information Exchange (HIEs) in the country. But even then, we knew that we could provide far more value than simply supplying the technology to exchange data. We knew that we were uniquely positioned to foster even deeper collaboration within the healthcare community. It’s that collaboration that—along with the patient data—is essential to meeting the challenges of Population Health Management, the Triple Aim and a shift to Value-Based Reimbursement—quickly, cost effectively and successfully.

Evolution and progressive approach

We are a better Health Information Exchange than ever before. We’ve also invested heavily in capabilities that go significantly beyond that core competency. Today, Hixny is recognized as a national leader*, a regional necessity and the key to efficiently, cost-effectively unlocking something even more important to the vast community that we serve: Population Health Management and greatly-enhanced wellness.

It’s only the beginning

Hixny has become the only place where this region’s healthcare players come together; the only place where all of healthcare converges, collaborates and strives for improvements. In hospitals, primary care facilities, clinics and homes, Hixny is already deeply embedded in the workflow of thousands of doctors, nurses, clinicians and patients.

By capturing data, sharing data and informing providers, Hixny enables:

  • Meaningful, life- and cost-saving action
  • Easier care coordination among providers for their patients
  • Immediately available patient information in an emergency
  • Fewer repeated tests
  • Reduced risk of mistakes
  • Less chance of drug interactions
  • Lower spending on healthcare

All of this means that even more effective Population Health Management is closer than you may think. With Hixny, there’s no need to start from scratch.

Contributing to the future of healthcare and a transformed landscape

So, if you’re done talking about it, and actually want to begin making real progress on effective Population Health Management, Hixny can, and should, be a vital part of that effort. Our existing solutions are real, in-use and industry-leading. Plus, our current investments and areas of focus will ensure meaningful innovation and enhancements in the following areas:

  • Communication security
  • Notifications that identify opportunities to improve care and lower costs
  • The capture of data from non-healthcare settings
  • The ability to engage patients more directly in their healthcare

We are enabling Population Health Management today, and we’re making the necessary investments to introduce more comprehensive, more enduring capabilities tomorrow.

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Hixny Protects Patient Privacy

Hixny is governed by strict privacy and security policies regarding health information exchange. Many of the policies were developed by the New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC). NYeC is a partnership of health organizations and private sector companies organized by the New York State Department of Health.