About Us

Hixny Connects Our Healthcare Community

Hixny connects providers, patients and organizations to better coordinate care and reduce healthcare costs across our community.

Who We Are

Our programs and services, designed around the Hixny Health Information Exchange (HIE), give patients and clinicians real-time electronic access to patients’ comprehensive medical history for making timely, informed care decisions.

As a not-for-profit, Hixny collaborates with health plans, hospitals, physician practices, employers, government agencies, patients and others in the Capital Region, Northern New York, and Mohawk Valley that share the common vision and goal of substantially transforming healthcare and improving population health.

Using Hixny…

Providers Improve Care Coordination

  • For healthcare providers whose patients receive care at multiple locations, Hixny provides secure, online access to comprehensive patient records, tools to collaborate and communicate with each other, and connection to the State Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY).

Benefits: improve care coordination, increase office efficiency, lower practice costs.

…Patients Manage their Healthcare

  • For patients managing their health or the health of family members, Hixny offers a secure, online Personal Health Record containing comprehensive medical information and history.

Benefits: track health history, share information with providers, increase patient safety, increase patient satisfaction.

…Our Entire Community Benefits

  • Everyone pays for healthcare costs: employers, insurers and patients. And everyone benefits from a healthier community population. Hixny’s services and programs help reduce healthcare costs and improve population health by minimizing redundant tests and procedures, providing comprehensive patient health records, increasing care coordination, and giving patients an opportunity to proactively participate in their healthcare. It’s time to join the Hixny community.


Hixny Protects Patient Privacy